Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wendell Pawing in from the Dogskills!

Wendell arrived in the Dogskills on August 8 for an extended stay.

This was actually his second visit. His first was in April, when he traveled while perched atop a mound of BoardWaddle purchases. Wendell and Bobby bonded instantly and were in such deep conversation that they forgot to watch their steps. Bobby fell and cracked his pelvis, ending up in the hospital emergency room.

This second time around, there was a happy reunion between Bobby, now recovered, and Wendell. Brie could only look on in disbelief at the deep bond they’d developed.

There was so much to catch up on. Bobby, who has never been a slow talker, spent much of the evening recounting his hospitalization. Wendell had seen Brie, Janey and Babe at Slobberfest while visiting with Aunties Pat and Carol in July, and he heard all about the recovery. Being the perfect gentleman, he listened with only the slightest hint of a stifled yawn.

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