Saturday, August 23, 2008


While visiting with Auntie Amanda, Wendell drove off "on caravan" to get a feel for the real estate biz. Real estate agents take a tour, or caravan, to preview newly listed properties and keep tabs on the market. It usually consists of 3-4 agents to a car, with 6-8 cars in a caravan. They spend 5-10 minutes at each house and visit nearly a dozen houses on a tour. Of course, Wendell rode in the DROOLMBL.

As always, it looks like Wendell had a great time with the ladies. You go, boy!

Wendell traveled around with Jennifer. She's dog-friendly but a little embarrassed at starring in Wendell's blog. The final house on the caravan was a beautiful aerie perched on Overlook Mountain, with a view of the Hudson Valley. Wendell and Auntie Amanda drank in the view.

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