Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wendell Visits a Field of Dreams

After visiting Chateaux Animaux, Wendell's foster mom Melynda took him to Kingsman Field, near his foster family's house.

Wendell's foster family is working to get Kingsman Field made into a real dogpark! Right now, dogs are not allowed... but no one seemed to mind a pawtite plush pup playing on the field or sniffing his pee-mail at a tree or resting on a bench.

Wendell's foster sister Lilly and foster brother Lucien (ATB) were written up in their local paper as good canine citizens for working to get a legal dogpark.

Later that afternoon, Wendell navigated as his foster mom, Melynda, drove him, his foster sisters Becky and Lilly, and his foster cousin Ztyx (the Black Russian Terrier who is visiting this week) up to House of Puddles for the BROOD Ramble! But more on that later!

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