Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wendell Arrives at House of Puddles!

Wendell checks out the sign to be sure he's in the right place (as if he couldn't hear the cacophony of hounds welcoming him!).

When Wendell arrived at HOP, he followed the usual routine. HOP's housemother, Marilyn, usually puts new arrivals in her bedroom behind a baby gate to help keep them safe and give them time to get used to HOP. Wendell enjoyed spending time in Marilyn's bedroom sniffing the HOPpers through the gate!

Foster mom Melynda brought Wendell out a bit later, and he was a hit! HOPper Hermey was a little too excited about Wendell. Wendell spent some time resting in a crate. Meeting 15+ new bassets at one time really poops out a poor plush pup!

Wendell checked out Marilyn's special basset lamp and a lovely memory box that his furend Miss Heather made for Marilyn.

Wendell hopped up on the futon to cuddle with Marilyn and his foster cousin Ztyx before taking a tour to check out HOP's awesome basset crap.

Wendell pauses to pay his respects to recently
departed HOPpers: Fred, Georgia, Katy, and Buster.

Wendell is a bit scared of Hermey (hey, he has really big teeth!) so he asks sweet Liz, who is blind, deaf, and has limited mobility due to spinal injuries if he can spend some time in her crate with her. Liz is happy to share her safe space with Wendell.

Wendell meets Jeeps, a young Treeing Walker Coonhound who is a permanent foster living at HOP. Hey, is that a basset on stilts? He's so tall!

Hey, who left that Wendell-sized puddle on the floor?

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