Friday, September 19, 2008

Peace * Love * Drool

I had a BLAST at Woofstock!! But I was very busy. I had an extra long trip in the car because my foster mom Sue got everyone lost... but I did get to share the ride. I snuggled on the lap seat with Riley and enjoyed the window seat with Wilbur.

We arrived a little late, but that was okay. We immediately registered and mmmmmm there are some fries. No one is looking -- and it was a long ride so a little taste won't hurt!

It wasn't all fun and games. I had a job to do! I helped sell books for Tom Schreck!

It was a beautiful day! The weather was wonderful, and the lake was gorgeous!

Whew! I'm bushed! Check back later to meet all the incredible hounds and humans from Woofstock! I need a nap!

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