Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GABR Bash Repawt

I had SUCH a great time at last weekend's Guardian Angel Basset Rescue Bash & Waddle. First, I took a long ride from St. Louis to Dwight, Illinois -- but I never got car sick! As an experienced waddle veteran, I made sure my foster mom, Jan, and my foster siblings were ready for their weekend of fun. (I showed them all how to raid the fridge Friday night -- to store up some energy for the big day!)

After a great breakfast Saturday morning, I got to hang out in the Drooler tent. Lisa Potter (Romeo & Juliet's mom) hosted me on Saturday while my foster mom volunteered. I had a great time.

Before the parade, I tried out the throne... which was VERY comfy! But the BIG MOMENT came when the bahrootiful Grace was crowned as Queen of the Waddle. She's one incredible houndie -- and she promised me that I could ride on the parade float.

Being the protective houndette that she is, Grace insisted I ride between her and King Benjamin. She didn't want me to fall off the float.

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