Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Repawting on the Metro Basset Halloween Bash

The rain tried to dampen our day... but we're bassets! We don't let a little drizzle stop our fun (okay, we did wait til SUNDAY so we wouldn't get all wet -- but that's just smart planning). Since it's the HALLOWEEN bash, I got a special hat and hair! How do I look?

I remember Sharon Wilder from Pittsburgh! We went to the symphony. I remember Hank and Fanny May too from Boardwaddle. Fanny May told me some secrets about Gramma Cakie!

And of course I had to help Dawn and Rich hawk the best basset crap for Tri-State Basset Rescue! And I got to hang out with all the celeb-bassets... Nudgie is my friend. Auntie Donna runs the Metro Bash but took time to pose with a plush pup.

Nudgie and I landed in jail!

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